A Brief History

I decided to write this blog to consider the tactical aspects of football and primarily, but not exclusively, La Liga and la Selección de fútbol de España.

The aim will be to have a couple of new entries every month. This will obviously vary depending upon the number of games I can cover and also the number of games of particular interest. I also intend to focus on the other teams in La Liga away from the Big Two. I will of course cover Real Madrid and Barcelona games but mainly in European fixtures or key La Liga games.

There is of course a plethora of blogs on football covering pretty much every single aspect of it.

I hope this one can offer something different.

My aim is to consider the tactical aspects of games and also suggest tactical changes which could have been made during the course of a game. I don’t simply aim to discuss what occurred during the game but highlight key points in games when changes could have / should have been made.

So a blog on Spanish football tactics called Chalk on the Boots. I first came across the term, if my memory serves correctly, when reading David Winner’s “Brilliant Orange” and from there the link, for me, seems obvious.

Dutch football – Cruyff – Ajax – Barcelona – Dream Team – Guardiola etc etc

Anyway, chalkontheboots was born on 20th March 2012.

I hope you enjoy it.